• Cover:Generation of Dreamers
    Released in 2015, The Founded Trio is proud to release their second EP. The focus of this EP is striving to serve Christ and show the love of the Creator to those around us. The single God of My Nights off of this EP was released to national radio in the winter of 2015 along with The Founded Trio’s first [...]
    • 103:51God of My Nights
    • 203:05Sing Hosanna
    • 302:47Pull You Out
    • 403:24Generation of Dreamers
  • Cover:The Founded Trio And Band
    Released in 2013, this debut album features songs written by all three of the vocalists in the band as well as one collaboration. This EP contains the first four songs the band ever recorded together. The song Heaven and Earth, featured on this EP was released to radio and was picked up by a few different stations across the US. [...]
    • 103:37Heaven and Earth (Radio Edit)
    • 203:36You Make Me
    • 303:50He Is Our King
    • 402:52Always By My Side
    • 504:05Heaven and Earth